Why Call a Licensed Electrician in Bonney Lake?

licensed electrician bonney laieIt may seem like simple home or business electrical repairs like adding a new light fixture are tasks you can complete yourself; however, it’s often best to call a licensed electrician for even minor electrical work. Here’s why.

Safety First

Poorly wired electrical components can pose a fire hazard. Even if everything appears to be installed correctly, an unexpected event like a sudden power surge can present a big problem, destroying electronics or even starting a blaze. A trained professional knows what to look out for.

Code Compliance

Home wiring is covered under your community’s local building codes for residential and commercial structures. It’s also required to be in compliance with national electrical codes. Hiring a licensed electrician is the best way to ensure all electrical work in your home meets the current standard.

A Solutions-Oriented Approach

Electricians aren’t just interested in fixing a single problem like a poorly performing outlet. They’re invested in providing you with a proactive solution, such as expanding your electrical panel to ensure your electrical system can meet your needs today and in the future.

Do You Need a Licensed Electrician in Bonney Lake?

HB Electric Solutions has decades of experience handling all kinds of residential and commercial work, from the most basic electrical repairs to complex wiring projects. Whether you need a new hot tub wired or want extra outlets installed, call on our professional team of contractors to ensure your project is aligned with all current safety standards for code compliance and your family’s well-being. Contact us today for prompt and reliable service from a licensed electrician you can trust.

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Why You Should Leave Wiring a Hot Tub to an Electrician in Graham

wiring a hot tub grahamGetting a new hot tub installed is generally a quick and easy process. What’s most important is having the right electrical work in place. Electricity and water are a hazardous combination when they’re in close proximity. See why wiring a hot tub is best left to a professional.

Ensure Wiring Meets Code

Like any other kind of electrical installation–residential or commercial–a hot tub is subject to electrical standards. An electrician has the skills and knowledge to set up the electrical panels and run the necessary wires with your safety in mind. 

Keep Your New Hot Tub Running Well

By making sure the electrical system has enough energy to power to run the hot tub, you can enjoy a reliable performance. Some hot tubs may require professional wiring to meet warranty requirements, too, protecting your investment. 

Make It Easier to Sell Your Home

You’re probably not thinking of moving soon if you’re wiring a hot tub. But when you’re ready to put your home on the market, you’ll have a much easier time selling it if you can prove the wiring has been professionally done by a licensed electrician.

Do You Need Help Wiring a Hot Tub in Graham?

At HB Electric, our decades of experience as full-service electrical contractors make us the ideal partner for all your electrical projects. We can handle anything from troubleshooting faulty wiring to upgrading your knob and tube electrical system as part of a remodeling project or installing a generator. We’re committed to customer satisfaction in everything we do, so contact us today for attentive service that meets your expectations.

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3 Signs You Need to Upgrade the Electrical Panel Service in Your University Place Home

upgrade the electrical panel service university placeWe count on our homes’ electrical systems to work silently and reliably in the background of our lives, powering all the things we need for comfort, entertainment and even work. But we also put a lot of demands on that electrical system, especially as we run more appliances in summer, such as fans and air conditioning units. Fortunately, it’s possible to upgrade the electrical panel service to ensure we’ve got the energy we need, where we want it. Here are three big signs that now is the time to call an electrician

Circuit Breakers Are Often Tripped

Does the circuit blow every time you plug in a high-demand appliance like an air conditioner, microwave oven or even a hairdryer? This could be a big warning sign that your electrical system is being asked to draw more power than it’s designed for. When this happens repeatedly, you may need to upgrade.

You’re Relying on Extension Cords

Extension cords aren’t designed for permanent use to regularly operate small appliances, lighting or electronics in your home. Whether it’s because you don’t have enough outlets in the right places or your 3-prong plugs won’t fit in your home’s 2-prong outlets, upgrading your electrical panel can solve the problem. 

Your Home is Older

If your home is more than two decades old and still uses parts like fuses or knob and tube wiring, chances are good that some updates are warranted. The National Electrical Code has undergone updates since then, and these new standards should be reflected in your home’s wiring and electrical service to ensure maximum safety. 

Is It Time to Upgrade the Electrical Panel Service in Your University Place Home?

At HB Electric Solutions, our dedicated team of master and journeyman-licensed electricians can assess your current electrical needs and identify ways to improve the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. Whether you call us for residential services, commercial services or remodeling projects, you can be assured of our dedication to customer service, safety and high standards of work. If you’d like to know whether it’s time to upgrade the electrical panel service in your home, contact us today. 

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Why You Should Include an Electrical Contractor for Remodeling Work in Fircrest

electrical contractor for remodeling fircrestWhen you’re ready to take on a remodeling project in your Fircrest home, it’s important to bring on an electrical contractor early in the process. Electrical work underpins the success of your entire project, from choosing the right lighting solutions to ensuring there are enough outlets to support the power you need for appliances and smart home technology. Here’s why hiring an electrical contractor for remodeling is wise.

Ensure Your Electrical System Matches Your Needs

Whether it’s a bathroom remodel or a reimagined office space, having an electrical system that can support your needs is key. Make sure you have enough power to operate the lights and electronics you need by having an electrical contractor involved in your planning. Your electrical contractor for remodeling projects will know if electrical panel changes are needed to safely accommodate increased usage, especially if you have an older home or commercial building. 

Get New Ideas to Solve Lighting and Electrical Concerns

A licensed electrician has seen more lighting and electrical installations than you’ve ever dreamed of and can suggest workable solutions that are also attractive to resolve problem areas or concerns you may have. From lighting upgrades to GFCI outlet wiring, getting professional insight now can avoid potential problems for your home or business later.

Be Code-Compliant

By hiring a licensed electrical contractor, you can be assured that the electrical work necessary for your remodel, including electrical panel service, meets national electrical codes as well as state and local building codes. This is an important consideration, especially if you choose to sell your property one day. 

Ready to Talk to an Electrical Contractor for Remodeling Work in Fircrest?

When you’re ready for a remodel or renovation of your home or office space, call HB Electric Solutions to discuss your plans. Our service-driven company provides the best in residential and commercial electrical work to Greater Pierce County area residents who become returning customers. Contact us today to learn more about how a licensed electrical contractor for remodeling work can ensure your project is a success.

Professional, Licensed Electrical Contractor for Remodeling Projects in Fircrest

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Benefits of a Recessed Lighting Upgrade in Puyallup

recessed lighting upgrade puyallupAre you considering a recessed lighting upgrade for your home in Puyallup? There are many different types of electrical upgrades to consider, many offering great advantages. While it’s always a good idea to speak with a local residential electrician about options, keep the following recessed lighting benefits in mind

More Lighting Coverage

One of the main benefits of a recessed lighting upgrade is increasing the amount of light in your room. Because individual units are placed throughout your ceiling, it becomes easier to keep every part of the space well lit.

Large Variety of Styles Available

When you look into this type of lighting upgrade, you’ll find you have a large variety of can styles to choose from. You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect solution for every room in your home.

Excellent Highlighting Ability

If you have certain objects or art pieces you want to highlight in your home, recessed lighting is ideal. This option adds ambiance and helps draw attention to specific features. Your electrical contractor will be able to provide advice on highlighting certain aspects of your home as well. 

Interested in a Recessed Lighting Upgrade in Puyallup?

Do you think a recessed lighting upgrade would suit your home in Puyallup? If you’re looking to brighten up your house, contact the experts at HB Electric Solutions. With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge, skills and equipment to ensure your upgrade is completed quickly and efficiently. You can also count on our highly trained contractors for electrical remodeling services, as well as commercial electric jobs. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or to make an appointment.  

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Reasons to Hire a Professional for Hot Tub Wiring Services in Pierce County

hot tub wiring services pierce countyIt’s always a good idea to hire a professional for hot tub wiring services after purchasing a new spa in Pierce County. While some installations may seem simple enough to attempt yourself, this is never recommended. Without formal residential electric training, you could be putting you, your family, and your property at risk. Consider the following reasons you should always pay a qualified technician to complete these services:


First, it’s safer to hire a trained residential or commercial electric professional to wire your hot tob. Working with electrical components, especially around water, presents many risks. 


If you plan to have your spa outdoors, do you already have the necessary hookups? If not, you’ll need an electrician to route electricity. Without the proper setup, you could face repeatedly tripping breakers. 


Attempting wiring yourself can result in damage to your new spa. Installing the system incorrectly or overlooking even a single element can wind up costing you a lot of additional money in subsequent repairs.


Instead of enjoying your investment right away, you’ll be stuck troubleshooting possible problems. Employing a professional for a short time is a wise investment.

Schedule Hot Tub Wiring Services in Pierce County Today!

If you’ve recently purchased a new spa for your home in Pierce County, count on the pros at HB Electric Solutions for hot tub wiring services. Without training, attempting to tackle this task on your own can be dangerous and frustrating. Skip the hassle and hire some of the best and most experienced contractors in the region to handle it for you. Our company also specializes in electrical remodeling and upgrading services. Clients are encouraged to contact us with inquiries or to schedule a consultation. 

Hot Tub Wiring Services in Pierce County

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Signs You Need a New Electrical Panel in Tacoma

electrical panel tacomaHaving a functional electrical panel in your Tacoma home is essential. This panel is where the main power line enters your house. It also contains circuit breakers that protect your household from potentially dangerous power surges. An old, faulty or malfunctioning panel is nothing to scoff at. If you suspect a problem, contact a residential electric or commercial electric contractor right away. Some common signs of trouble include:

Constantly Tripping Circuit Breakers

How often are you resetting the breakers in your home? If you’re dealing with this issue multiple times a week, it’s time to contact an electrical contractor. Either your panel is starting to wear down, or your household electrical needs are exceeding the panel’s capacity.

Breakers Won’t Reset

If a breaker trips, you should be able to reset it to allow power to resume. There may be something wrong with your panel, however, if resetting the breaker doesn’t work. 

Electrical Fire Marks

You should contact an electrician for emergency service immediately if you notice signs of electrical fires in your service panel. As the wires in your panel wear down over time, they can burn out and cause small fires. There are a few indicators that this has happened, including strong smells coming from the panel and charring around the circuit breakers. 

Need to Replace Your Electrical Panel in Tacoma?

If you think you need to replace your home’s electrical panel in Tacoma, reach out to HB Electric Solutions today. Our highly-trained and experienced contractors are here to help. We regularly provide superior electrical remodeling and upgrading services for residential and commercial clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or inquire about our offerings. 

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Why Consider an Electrical System Upgrade in Bonney Lake?

electric system upgrade bonney lakeAn electrical system upgrade may be the perfect solution for your home or business in Bonney Lake. Maintaining consistent electricity is always a priority. It isn’t only convenient; without electricity, your property and those residing or working on it are at greater risk.

In most cases, you can expect both residential electric and commercial electric circuit breakers to remain functional for between 25 and 40 years. If your system is approaching this range, it’s probably time to be considering new options. Additional reasons to consider an upgrade include:

Improved Efficiency

Older systems often require more energy to function, which often means they cost more money to own. No one wants to be responsible for expensive electrical bills. An electrical contractor can examine your current setup and let you know if an upgrade can save you money.

Enhanced Protection

Because newer systems are more efficient, they are far less likely to become overloaded. Old homes are particularly susceptible to overloads, which can cause fires. As a result, many people choose to schedule an upgrade to enhance the protection of their homes or businesses.

More Circuits

Additionally, an electrical system upgrade will increase the number of circuits available to your home or business. Let your electrician know if you plan to add any large appliances to your property in the future. He’ll ensure you have a sufficient number of circuits and that they are located where you need them most. 

Schedule an Electrical System Upgrade in Bonney Lake Today!

HB Electric Solutions is the number one choice for your electrical system upgrade. Located in Puyallup, we regularly serve Bonney Lake residents and business owners. Our certified technicians have years of experience providing electrical remodeling and upgrading services. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Electrical System Upgrade Services in Bonney Lake

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When Should You Call an Electrician in Graham?

electrian grahamAre you experiencing electrical issues in Graham but unsure whether or not professional assistance is needed to address them? Calling in an electrician for residential electrical or commercial electric services can seem unnecessary, especially when facing a minor problem, but even something small can escalate quickly. Leaving certain issues unattended for too long isn’t only expensive, it can be dangerous. For your convenience and safety, always call an electrician for the following:

Exposed Wires

Can you see exposed wiring in your home or office? Even if the wires are out of the way or in an area that’s rarely used, this situation warrants an immediate call to an electrician. Failing to respond properly can result in serious injury or cause a fire.

Flickering Lights

Do your lights flicker? If this is occurring in only one area, the remedy may be as simple as tightening the bulb. Widespread flickering, however, is likely a sign of a bigger issue. You’ll need an electrical contractor to examine the electrical wiring in your home or business to determine the underlying issue. 

Malfunctioning Outlets

Are you unable to use one or more plugs in your home or office? Many people choose to make do with malfunctioning outlets, opting for extension cords or fewer appliances. There’s no reason to postpone repairs, however, as an electrician can quickly identify and resolve the problem.

Faulty Light Switches

When you flip a light switch, does the corresponding light always come on as it’s supposed to? If not, there’s likely a bigger electrical issue at play. Don’t wait to call an electrician, as broken switches like this can be dangerous.

Need an Electrician in Graham?

Count on HB Electric Solutions in Puyallup when you need an electrician in Graham. We can address all your needs, from maintenance and repair to electrical remodeling and upgrades. Contact us today!

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Questions to Ask a New Electrical Contractor in Puyallup

electrical contractor, electrical contractor questionsAre you looking for a reliable electrical contractor in Puyallup, Washington? Whether you need residential electrical or commercial electric services, finding a professional you can rely on should be your top priority. The best way to accomplish this is by meeting and talking with a few different specialists. Most companies offer free or inexpensive consultations. Make an appointment and ask the following questions:

Are you licensed and insured?

Always verify that a potential electrical contractor is licensed and insured. It’s completely reasonable to ask for proof before moving forward with services. Without insurance, you could be held liable for any physical or property damage.

Have you don’t this type of work before?

You’ll also want to verify that your electrician has previously performed the type of work you need. A less experienced electrical contractor may not have the knowledge or skills to complete the work efficiently.

Do you have a list of referrals?

Remember to ask a potential electrical contractor for a list of referrals as well. While reviews and testimonials found online can be helpful, nothing beats discussing past experiences with other clients. This can provide valuable insight into the quality of work provided.

Looking for a Reliable Electrical Contractor in Puyallup?

Do you need to hire a new electrical contractor in Puyallup, Washington? Now that you know which questions to ask, it’s time to schedule a consultation. The pros at HB Electric Solutions in Puyallup are here to help with a wide variety of residential and commercial services, including electrical remodeling assistance. Our highly-trained specialists have years of experience. As industry leaders, you can rely on us to provide expert advice, quality assistance and unbeatable customer service on every job. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to address your electrical needs quickly and efficiently. Contact us today with questions or to request a consultation.

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