Should You Call an Electrician for Your Home or Business in Graham?

electrian grahamCalling in an electrician for residential  or commercial electric services can seem unnecessary, especially when facing a minor problem. but electricity isn’t something to take lightly. Because it’s part of our everyday lives, we forget how dangerous it can be. Don’t risk your home, business or your safety! Following are several projects that require an electrician.

Exposed Wires

Can you see exposed wiring in your home or office? Even if the wires are out of the way or in an area that’s rarely used, this situation warrants immediate attention. Failing to respond properly can result in serious injury or cause a fire.

Flickering Lights

Do your lights flicker? If this is occurring in only one area, the remedy may be as simple as tightening the bulb. Widespread flickering, however, is likely a sign of a bigger issue. You’ll need an electrical contractor to examine the electrical wiring in your home or business to determine the underlying issue. 

Malfunctioning Outlets

Are you unable to use one or more plugs in your home or office? Many people choose to make do with malfunctioning outlets, opting for extension cords or fewer appliances. There’s no reason to postpone repairs, however, as an electrician can quickly identify and resolve the problem.

Faulty Light Switches

When you flip a light switch, does the corresponding light always come on as it’s supposed to? If not, there’s likely a bigger electrical issue at play. Don’t wait to call an electrician, as broken switches like this can be dangerous.

Need an Electrician in Graham?

Count on HB Electric Solutions in Puyallup when you need an electrician in Graham. We can address all your needs, from maintenance and repair to electrical remodeling and upgrades. We’re licensed for both residential and commercial electrical work.  Contact us today!

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