Signs You Need a New Electrical Panel in Tacoma

electrical panel tacomaHaving a functional electrical panel in your Tacoma home is essential. This panel is where the main power line enters your house. It also contains circuit breakers that protect your household from potentially dangerous power surges. An old, faulty or malfunctioning panel is nothing to scoff at. If you suspect a problem, contact a residential electric or commercial electric contractor right away. Some common signs of trouble include:

Constantly Tripping Circuit Breakers

How often are you resetting the breakers in your home? If you’re dealing with this issue multiple times a week, it’s time to contact an electrical contractor. Either your panel is starting to wear down, or your household electrical needs are exceeding the panel’s capacity.

Breakers Won’t Reset

If a breaker trips, you should be able to reset it to allow power to resume. There may be something wrong with your panel, however, if resetting the breaker doesn’t work. 

Electrical Fire Marks

You should contact an electrician for emergency service immediately if you notice signs of electrical fires in your service panel. As the wires in your panel wear down over time, they can burn out and cause small fires. There are a few indicators that this has happened, including strong smells coming from the panel and charring around the circuit breakers. 

Need to Replace Your Electrical Panel in Tacoma?

If you think you need to replace your home’s electrical panel in Tacoma, reach out to HB Electric Solutions today. Our highly-trained and experienced contractors are here to help. We regularly provide superior electrical remodeling and upgrading services for residential and commercial clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or inquire about our offerings. 

Electrical Panel Replacement in Tacoma

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